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The registration includes
* dietary service in three along your route in service points
* electronic the chronograph
* eating


Giro d´Espoo Enervit includes the following products:
2 x Pre Sport hiilihydraattitankkaaja, hyytelö (before the performance enjoyable)
2 x GT-tabletti, pureskelutabletti (during the execution of an enjoyable)
2 x Isotonic GEL, geeli (during the execution)
1 x Enervitene Gel, geeli (during the execution of an enjoyable)
2 x Enervitene Sport Competition, nestemäinen geeli (during the execution of an enjoyable)
1 x R2 palautusjuomajauhe (after the performance enjoyable)
*** Product package can pick up the event weekend Enervit from the tent.
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  • Manufactured by: GirodEspoo